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Features: ● Advanced internal structure design, thus fiber suffering no attenuation ● Enough for winding and storing fibers ● Easy and fast to increase and reduce splice tray ● Innovative elastic integrated seal fitting ● Adopting PC material for plastic parts and excellent steel for the external fasters and structural parts ● With the function of reuse and capacity expansion for many times ● With the function of connection and disconnection for electrical connection for the in/out FO cables Application: ● Telecommunication ● LAN/WAN Networks ● CATV ● FTTX ● Aerial, Direct-buried, Wall-mounting and Duct-mounting Ordering Information:

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Fiber Optic Enclosure-ENC12C 424x176x106mm


Fiber Optic Enclosure-ENC24C 424x176x106mm


Fiber Optic Enclosure-ENC48C 424x176x106mm


Fiber Optic Enclosure-ENC96C 424x176x106mm


Fiber Optic Enclosure-ENC120C 424x176x106mm
Note: Available for customized design.