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Advanced Fiber Assemblies For ON-BOARD OPTICS

With the advent of ‘Big Data’, including the development of large data centers, each comprising thousands of servers, the need for faster circuitry has materialized. As circuit speeds exceed 40/100G fiber optics has begun to be employed to connect server racks, switches and routers in both public and private data centers.

Fiberconcepts’ industry leading experience and engineering excellence have been applied to each advanced and customized on-board optics (OBO) fiber assemblies; ultimately provide unprecedented support for high-performance on-board optics system. Some customers came to us at the conceptual stage of a new development using unique fiber assemblies to support their on-board optics application. Initially, the challenge was to develop a set of quality requirements and achievable stringent tolerances to make the customized fiber assembly to precisely fit into a specific OBO device, we are proud to work closely with customer to accomplish the task together.

These tiniest fiber assemblies take ever important role in the entire process of conceptualizing ideas, designing, developing and eventually introduce a new OBO product. Fiberconcepts works in close collaboration with customers on each stage throughout the process, we help our customers outshine competitors with maximized quality and minimized cost.

OBO Cable Assembly Configurations

Features and Applications

Fully customizable advanced fiber assemblies solutions
Delivers design flexibility to meet the needs of specific on-board fiber interconnection applications
Support unique design of various lens-type connectors
Enabling dust insensitive and low mating force
Precision fiber cleaving using the latest laser technology
Precise control on every geometry of the fiber end-face for delivering superior optical quality
Unprecedented support for high-performance on-board optics system
Support fiber interconnection from chip-to-chip, board-to-board, on-board, and system-to-system
Extremely low profile interconnect solution
Unique designed and manufacture process made according to customer designed OBO structure

Product Illustration & Examples

Example: MT-Male to Fiber Array & Custom Lens-type Connector