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Features: ●Precision mechanical dimension ● Improve attenuation and enhance quality of transmission; Minimal transfer loss ● Economical and highly reliable based on INTCERA's high speed automatic assembly technologies ● Low Weight: Easy Assembly and Installation ● Large Diameter Core and Thin Clad ● Bayonet style housing for easy termination ●Compliant with RoHS Application: ● Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control ● Telecommunications switching systems ● Digitized Video ● Medical instruments ● Reduction of lightning and voltage transient susceptibility ● High voltage isolation General Specification:





Insertion Loss

UPC/APC: ≤0.30dB 


Return Loss

UPC: ≥45dB; APC: ≥45dB;


Mating Durability(500c)


Operating Temperature

-20~ +70℃

Storage Temperature

-20~ +70℃